The Jes Penis Extender, as the title of its suggests, is a traction device. It applies hardware pressure on the penis as well as tries to add to its length. The instrument has been made so that it can apply varying degrees of pressure on the penis. It’s a rod which runs over the length of the penis. This particular rod provides a screw that could be turned and fixed at numerous positions. As the screw is tightened more and more, the volume of pressure the rod is applicable on the penis increases. To make it convenient to attach the unit on the penis, best male enhancement supplement (sneak a peek at this website) you will find two grips provided with the contraption. There’s a particular grip in front which goes right below the glans (the head) of the penis and another that is designed to clasp the foundation of the penis shaft.

The product works on an absolutely mechanical principle. The human body isn’t particularly rigid. Under the influence of outside pressure, it is known to change the shape of its. In case the pressure is consistent and adequate, then the entire body extends and begins to show growth. This particular basic principle is made use of in places which are many. Tribal females with giraffe necks are a great example. These women wear tight-fitting neck bands one on top of the other and extend their necks. Heavy gear worn continuously on the earlobes are able to extend them too.

The Jes Penis Extender tries to accomplish these results with the penis. The idea is similar – to use significant and constant amount of stress on the penis. 

Under the stress, the cells begin dividing as well as multiply. These new cells then grow into adult cells. When the number of cells improves, the bulk of the penis automatically increases. This leads to a permanent and irreversible surge in the duration of the penis at first and sooner or later in the girth of its as well.

The product needs to be used for a particular period of time on a daily basis so that it shows the desirable results. It is advisable to wear it for 6-12 hours per day; the longer it is used, the more effective it is. It might look like it could be not comfortable to wear the device for such a lengthy period of time every day, though the device is provided with enough features (such as smooth cushioning on the grips and also a light weight) hence it can be used quite easily for that length of time. 

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