Samsung and Ledger’s NFT Project: Here’s What to Know.

Samsung Germany and Ledger unveiled a Web3-related program for the forthcoming Samsung Galaxy S23 launch.

by Cryptoflies February 9, 2023.

written by Cryptoflies February 9, 2023.

Samsung Germany and Ledger, the maker of crypto hardware wallets, have launched a Web3-related program for the upcoming launch of the Samsung Galaxy S23 later this month.

The initial stage in their partnership was the release of the “MX1 GENESIS EDITION” NFT — the first Samsung NFT to be released in Europe — which serves as a key pass for the Samsung Web3 ecosystem. It is available in four rarities: standard, rare, interest NFT projects epic, and ultra.

Although the allowlist registration time has already closed, MX1GE Polygon-based NFTs are still available for purchase on OpenSea.

Samsung and Ledger also released a Web3 Starter Bundle on Amazon, which includes a discount coupon for purchasing a Ledger Nano X hardware wallet — for safeguarding digital assets — and minting an NFT artwork from the Phase 2 MX1 ART Collection.

The Samsung MX1 ART Collection, which will be available on February 17, features artworks of art by well-known artists, including Antoni Tudisco, Bruno Urli, Charlotte Taylor & Anthony Authié, and Nico Chiara.

Those who ordered the limited edition Samsung x Ledger web3 Starter Bundle or the Samsung Galaxy S23 will receive a code that will allow them to access the mint phase, choose an artist, and receive at random one of the three artworks made by each artist.

The roadmap’s next phases include the launch of raffles, music NFT mint, educational workshops, a Twitter space, and interest NFT projects more to come.

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