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The Ascension: God Behind a Paranormal Display. A (Short Story). the most topical is the casual kiss.
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The concept of the state and government exists for the protection of basic human rights. Most of the rights in the Bill of Rights are rights against the government. The Declaration of Independence was a defense against government usurpation of the rights in the Bill of Rights.

The Founding Fathers did not intend for an individual to have all rights and duties of government in a democracy. They fully anticipated that the politicians would become abusive and that the Bill of Rights would need to be updated frequently to stop the politicians from violating human rights, and in the course of changing and preventing further abuses, they would grant fewer rights, and would ultimately abolish the whole concept of government.

The real Right of Guaranteed Bills of Rights

First and foremost, the Bill of Rights guarantees basic human rights for individuals against abuse by the government. Secondly, the state was intended to guarantee the ability of individuals to interact with other individuals peacefully through private contract. The Declaration of Independence is a guarantee that the government will not be able to coerce individuals into submission. That is the “right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,” and the right to private property, are assertions that the concept of government as the source of rights is wrong. The Right of Guaranteed Bills of Rights exists, first and foremost, to protect human rights from government abuse.

We expect the government to act not only according to its own principles, but also according to the principles it finds in the lawbooks of individuals.

Government functions according to the people it represents. The government must promote the prosperity of the people. But it must be prevented from compelling people into servitude, or otherwise interfering with the right of freedom of the individual to the private property. Rights come from the individual. They are something that they can decide to


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