X4 labs is a groundbreaking penis enlargement extender. It has up to five models. It promises to be the world’s quickest penile stretcher. The 5 models of x4 laboratories are namely x4 extender gold premium, x4 extender gold edition, x4 extender deluxe edition, x4 pyronies traction, so the x4 extender starter edition. I called this penis extender from the excessive to low versions. Their prices differ dependant upon the model. The higher in quality an unit is the higher price you should spend on it.

X4 Extender Gold Premium

X4 Extender Gold Premium

It is probably the most costly. It cost comes with effectiveness; it provides the fastest result among all the other models. It’s coated using 24 carat of real gold. The material use for making the strap of its would be the memory foam comfort pads. This particular kind of strap makes use of the newest technology which is going to ensure that you receive the best comfort as well as faster results.

What you are going to get with the x4 extender gold premium

What you will get together with the x4 extender gold premium

Penis exercise membership: when you purchase this particular penis extender, you will get totally free access to x4 labs penis workout plan. It’s valued at $99.95 but you are going to get it free when you buy it. This penis workout program consists of thirty penis enlargement exercise videos. This can red boost male enhancement (relevant webpage) your result together with the x4 labs.

Better Sex DVD collection: this DVD contains various sex positions bundle in two premium DVD package. It’s made to improve the sexual routine of yours and lecture you on how you can satisfy the partner of yours best.

Better Sex DVD collection:

X4 labs directional CD: this easy to utilize CD consist of ideas, strategies and penis stretching designs that will offer you the very best gains. It also contains directional video and a totally free men’s health book.

X4 labs directional CD:

Moreover on this assessment, the x4 labs gold edition premium has the complete range of x4 labs penis extender product line. It is a 3 in one penis enlargement product which covers comfort strap engineering, silicone harness along with one and only custom loop fastening process. The custom loop fastening system will give you much better flexibility. It’s the latest discovery in penile stretcher layout. It will enable the user to shiftily alter the loop tightening system to provide you with the best comfort as well as support.

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